Transformation Tuesday | Retouching Before & After|Cada

Apr 08 2014

Transformation Tuesday | Retouching Before & After|Cada

Cada was brave enough (OK, truth be told she didn’t have a real say) to be our very first “Transformation Tuesday”.  Our idea for this feature is to show before and after retouching images, before and after makeup, etc. I think that the word “retouching” – and more specifically the idea of Photoshop editing – has gotten a bit of a bad rap because of all of the exposes of over-retouched celebrities and magazine covers in recent months.  We wanted to try to balance out that negative reputation by showing how we use Photoshop to enhance rather than change an image.  Just like a makeup artist’s brushes, Photoshop is a tool that when properly used makes an image POP.  Our goal is to use post processing to make you look like the best possible version of you – but still you!

So we hide the blemishes, soften the skin (without removing every pore and making you look plastic), enhance eyes without making you look alien – and only present images that we would be thrilled to hang on our walls!

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