Makeover Monday | Nail Trends | Glitter Polish

Dec 22 2014

Makeover Monday | Nail Trends | Glitter Polish

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he typical check list before your senior photo session usually consists of the following-  cute clothes… check, fun accessories… check, hair… makeup… double check!  But how often do you think about your nails before your pictures?

Not everyone realizes that because of the editorial style of our photos, many images will capture you from head to toe!  Nails are a last minute detail that can make your images pop.  Plan ahead, whether you prefer more nude nails, colors coordinating with your school or outfit, or if you prefer classic styles.   We absolutely love these glitzy glittery nails, especially when they compliment your outfit.  Keep in mind that bright blue nails may be your favorite now, but may not be in a few months from now. Remember that nails can go from elaborate to clean and simple just as quick as an outfit change during your photo session.


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