Identity Crisis | Rebranding to Tanja Melone Seniors

Jan 05 2016

Identity Crisis | Rebranding to Tanja Melone Seniors

I don’t want to say that I’m having an all-out identity crisis or anything – but that is exactly it! Many moons ago, when I started Contemporary Expressions Photography, I had no idea that I would fall in love with High School Senior photography. Quite the opposite, truth be told. I was pretty damn sure I would NEVER photograph a senior as long as I lived – and I turned many down my first few years in business. I was a children’s photographer, by gum – and teens are not children. Then, one fateful day, I caved in and said yes to two lovely ladies from Denver School of the Arts. Holy smack me upside the head and life-changing moment! I was IN LOVE instantly. What freedom! What creative expression! and hot damn – when they are older they listen!!! LOL


So, here we are, many years and hundreds of seniors later and I’m still madly in love with photographing this amazing time in life. But there is this little problem. The CE brand doesn’t seem to fit anymore – we’ve grown and changed, and grown and changed… Last year, when she had to close her studio for family reasons, we adopted Michelle Kroll into the CE family and ran CE-Seniors out of two studios – one in downtown Denver and one in Parker. It was AMAZING to be able to offer both locations to our seniors, and working with Michelle is a dream. She is one of my dearest friends and she is a fabulous artist. We have completely different styles and personalities and I think it was really fun for our seniors to be able to experience both. It also showed both Michelle and I how strong our individual voices are and how two very different people can come together to create something spectacular. While it makes me sad to lose her, I am THRILLED that Michelle is able to re-open her own studio this year!!! We will still be working a LOT together, but she will not be a direct part of CE – or what used to be CE – for the 2017 season… which brings me to my next bit of news.


In an interesting experiment, I polled the last two years’ seniors to ask them how they referred me to their friends – their #1 answer – “I told them to go see Tanja”. Part of me already knew this was going to be the answer – but it made it clear to me that it was time for a revamp. Brand new website, lots of great things in the works for this year, and a big bold HELLO … CE-Seniors is now Tanja Melone Seniors!!!! It’s still me, well, actually, it is even more me now!


To help announce the change we will be blogging all of our 2016 seniors with the new branding in the next couple of months so keep your eyes open for yourself and your friends. It’s going to be a freak-tastic great year!

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