Velvet | Winter Trends | Style Saturday

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Jan 16 2016

Velvet | Winter Trends | Style Saturday

I’ll admit, when I read the word “velvet” in my trend watch I might have gagged a bit on my flashbacks of itchy Christmas dresses and my grandmother’s throw pillows.  honestly, isn’t that what you think of?  But I swallowed my pride (AND that gag reflex) and dove into this trend like a good little researcher – and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the fashions that incorporate velvet both tastefully and with quite a bit of spunk!


If there is one thing I love dearly it’s texture – the bolder the better – so it really didn’t make sense that I had such an inherent distaste for this luscious fabric.  Now that I have seen all of the great ways velvet is being used in updated fashion trends (come on….velvet hoodies!!!), I might just have to take all of those preconceived notions and toss them out the door  —- to make room for my new velvet shoes!

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