Instagram Prints | 5 on Friday

Mar 11 2016

Instagram Prints | 5 on Friday

Let’s talk a little bit about Instagram. The infamous platform that became common ground to post deliciously artistic food pictures, editorial shots, adventure shoots and everything in between. This social media became an amazing medium for artistic gurus and high school grads to visually show their life through a lens. Let’s face it, we know how much you cherish your feed and spend all hours of the day making sure it is absolutely perfect (*cough cough* we do the same thing). Why not take your most cherished insta-worthy memories and make it into something more? Below, we found five of our favorite Instagram printing services. This way you can take your feed and put it in your dorm room, office space, or come up with some cool Pinterest craft to make it into something more.





  • PostalPix– There’s an app for everything, including printing your Instagram pictures. This app makes it easy to print pictures from your feed into 4 by 4 matte finished, professional-quality resolution pictures that are ready with fast shipping. Other sizes are also available, including 5 by 5 and 8 by 8 squares.
  • Social Print Studio– Their signature Square Prints are printed on thick, matte card-stock with a 3mm white border to ensure that your prints last. Not only do they offer squares, but their line includes photo-books, framed prints, and posters to print your Instagram pictures to your heart’s desire. Social Print Studio makes it beyond easy to transfer your pictures from Instagram to order. Plus a set of 24 square prints is only $12, so explore away!
  • Canvas Pop– Turn your Instagram pictures into a high resolution stretched 12 by 12 or 20 by 20 square canvas that will make perfect home decor. To print, simply log into your account directly from the site and choose what you want your picture to be turned into.
  • Instagoodies– Takes your favorite Instagram photos and makes them into book of one-inch stickers. Use them to put anywhere and everywhere to surround yourself with your favorite memories.
  • ImageSnap– For something a little outside the box, this service crafts ceramic tiles ranging from two-inch to 12-inch squares. Their “Teeny Tiles” are 2 by 2 tiles that can be stuck to your fridge so everyone can admire your Instagram photos and their wide range of tile sizes are sure to meet any of your artsy needs.


So let your Instagram pictures be free in a world outside of your feed!


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