5 on Friday | Netflix Binge Worthy Shows

May 27 2016

5 on Friday | Netflix Binge Worthy Shows

Even though most summer days are bound to be filled with an endless amount of adventures- bonfires, pool days, beach vacations and SO much more- summer doldrums are bound to set in. With their advent, nothing is better than relaxing with a bit of quality television. Bring me your heat exhausted, rained out souls, and boredom, and I’ll give you so much great television that you won’t come out of your room for days. Some of you may even consider wearing an adult diaper. Here are the top 5 binge worthy Netflix shows that are the perfect solution to any lull in the day.



Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad doesn’t hold 16 Emmy Award wins for nothing. This five season ROLLERCOASTER is full of twists, turns, heartache, drama, power, and characters that will hook you in from the very beginning. Watch Walter White turn into Heisenberg right in front of your eyes. Feel yourself shrink and quaver at the sight of antagonists with so much power and evil within them that honestly, you wonder how it’s possible for a show’s development team to come up with such fantastic characters. You will cry. You will laugh. This show will break you, but you will love it. Nothing I can say here will do it justice. Go watch it, you won’t regret hitting that start episode button on Netflix. Oh, yeah. That’s right. It’s on Netflix too. Can it get any better?


Parks and Recreation 

Tired of serious television? Tired of all the unnecessary violence, the heart wrenching drama, and well thought out villains and protagonists? Parks and Rec might just be for you. Transport yourself to the small town of Pawnee Indiana where Leslie Knope(Amy Poehler) heads up the Parks and Recreation division of her puny town government. Watch her strive to get her job done surrounded by totally incompetent work associates, a boss who believes government should be disbanded, and a town that fights her every turn. Filmed as a hilarious mockumentary, this show’s zany setting, expertly devised characters(I’m serious, each and every one of these characters is amazingly developed), and genuinely well written story is sure to leave you cackling like a maniac, while being unable to do anything but keep hitting that next episode button as you fall deeper in love with the show. I couldn’t recommend this more highly.


The Walking Dead

Zombies. They’ve been a staple of horror films and shows ever since George Romero’s classic, Night of the Living Dead, brought them into the limelight of popular culture. But The Walking Dead has arguably revolutionized this subgenre of horror in a wonderful way. Gone are the days of horrible acting, abysmally terrible decisions(I mean, some of the characters still make terrible decisions), and super cheesy plots. The Walking Dead utilizes incredible writing, some superb casting choices, and an overall great formula to breathe some life back into a somewhat overused genre, and create a show totally worth binge watching. Give it a shot if you want a bit of gore and drama to spice up your summer boredom.


gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls


Set in Stars Hallow is one of the most wonderful coming of age story of Gilmore Girls. You are introduced to the cunning and witty Lorelai who raises a brilliant and equally as clever daughter- Rory. The show is filled with the adventures of this mother-daughter duo who are best friends. The best part about this show is as the characters and plot develops, you grow as the characters grow. We literally see Rory go from an awkward and shy teenage girl to a passionate Yale colleague student who delves into her dreams in every way possible. How relatable is that? Another great note about this show? Once you’re done binging the 7 seasons of quirkiness this show has to offer- Netflix is releasing MORE. The writer and actors came together to create four 90 minute episodes- to be exclusibely released on Netflix- soon (the release date is still pending). So jump on in to Stars Hallow.


Netflix Original Shows

As I sat here thinking about the fifth show to share with you all, I stumbled across the highest wall of absolute indecision. Which one to make number 5….. I browsed through the Netflix menu, came across some goldmines, but there were really too many. And then I had my lightbulb moment. Each one of the shows that I was debating on including were actually Netflix Originals, and that’s when I decided to just include all of them. Call it a cop out if you must, but each one of them is something special and amazing. House of Cards is the most tense political drama that will leave you at the edge of your seat biting your nails trying to stay on top of all the infighting, backstabbing, and under the table deals these politicians make, all the while providing with you with actors that just fill their roll so well. Kevin Spacey is just incredible. Orange is the New Black takes the prison life genre and spins it to a female prison. The show has no boundaries while touching on so many serious subjects that needs to be addressed and makes you fall in love with the boldness of the story.


So get your binge on- you have SO many options.


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