Denver Senior Photos-Aubrey

Jun 21 2016

Denver Senior Photos-Aubrey

Denver Senior Photos | Aubrey | 2017 Senior Model Intern


From our very first exchange of words, Aubrey blew us all away with her vibrant and quirky personality and we feel SO lucky that she chose us for her Denver senior photos. In her questionnaire, Aubrey defined herself, and I quote, as a “HUGE nerd”. Being a tad bit of a nerd myself, this made me smile from ear to ear and I was beyond delighted to have her on our 2017 Senior Model Intern Crew! On top of her academia, Aubrey is extremely involved in Legacy High School’s music program, playing for the marching band in the fall, and concert band the rest of the year. On top of that, she joined winter guard so she could be involved with the band year round! With all of those activities, it came as a welcome surprise that she could find time to truly let loose and be herself in her Denver senior photos. In addition to school and band, Aubrey finds peace and zen with sophisticated coloring books alongside a variety of fictional literature. She’s an astoundingly intelligent young lady with huge plans to stay in college long enough to get a PhD in anthropology with a secondary major studying the language of love, French.

With big plans like that, and the busy-bee attitude to go with it, I am SO confident that she will go above and beyond with her goals! I hope your summer in Wisconsin brings you many perfect days, and your Denver senior photos will always fill us with pleasant memories.

Know anyone else that’s so full of personality that ordinary photo shoots don’t do them justice? Tanja Melone’s Denver senior photos are bound to be a shift from the traditional approach. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog that’s filled with more than just regular teenagers taking antiquated portraits, but with vivacious young adults daring to be themselves in their own custom tailored photo shoots!


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In Her Own Words

Q: What is your dream job?

A: A research professor of Anthropology.

Q: What are 3 things you can’t live without?

A: My flute. School supplies (especially pens and planners), and comfy, cute sweaters.

Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A: I would love to have the power to remember what I was about to say. Also, the power to always be able to refill things would be really silly and really fun.

Q: If you were given a million dollars tomorrow and had only day to spend it, what would you do?

A: I would go to the bookstore and the yarn store, and I would take my parents out to dinner. And then maybe I’d book a vacation to somewhere really cool, and then squirrel away some money so that I could have spending money on those vacations. I would also donate a lot of it to various charities. If I had any left over, I have no clue what else to do with it.

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

A: Criminal Minds or Friends.

Q: What about your favorite band/artist?

A: Of Monsters and Men.

Q: Ok, so how about your favorite movie?

A: Goodfellas or Harry Potter.

denver senior photographer_0068denver senior photographer_0069denver senior photographer_0070denver senior photographer_0071denver senior photographer_0072denver senior photographer_0073denver senior photographer_0074denver senior photographer_0076denver senior photographer_0077Aubrey’s favorite quote:

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.”
A. L. Milne

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