5 on Friday | Clothing Hacks

Jul 01 2016

5 on Friday | Clothing Hacks

Clothing Hacks

Have you ever bought a really really cute piece of clothing that you absolutely adore and you want to cherish it forever because its just so cute? Now. Has there ever been a time you looked at that ever-so-cherished piece of adorableness and realized that there was an awful stain or tear?  You feel your heart sink a bit at the prospect that you may have lost the cutest pair of jeans in the world. It kind of brings a tear to  your eye thinking that you may not find something to replace the hole. Never fear. Pinterest has your best interest at heart and so do I. DIY Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes could change your life. Or at least keep you from those heart aching moments of having to throw away your favorite clothes because of a little extra added character.

The hacks:


Everyone has gotten gum on some kind of clothing. Left it in the pocket of your jeans or coat and put it through the wash or left them in some unspeakably warm place to find a gooey sticky mess later. Have no fear. This neat little trick shows you how to use gum to get the sticky-ness right out!


“I won’t get paint on these” is probably my fatal flaw. Because no matter how hard I try, I always end up getting paint on my pants if its anywhere withing a 2 foot radius. Which is why this tip is so useful. Try it out to get that paint out of your jeans and rejoice about it later.


We’ve all done that unspeakable thing: shrunk our clothes D: But this nifty trick will is like your Control-Z- undo what you have done and unrshink them!


Those pesky little balls of fluff that end up getting on all of your cardigans and everything alike? Well let’s call those bobbles. And those bobbles can be taken away. Check out the trick here.


Snagging a sweater. It happens to all of  us but there is a way to fix it. So compile all of those snagged sweaters you’ve accumulated over the years and fix em up with this guide to help!

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