5 on Friday | Summer Beauty Hacks

Jul 15 2016

5 on Friday | Summer Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

Summer is beautiful but there are problems that we wouldn’t have to face in the winter. As I was scouring the Internet, I came across a StyleCaster article filled with some amazing summer beauty hacks that I wanted to share! Take a look at the top 5 tips and check out the post here for more hacks to try out!

Sprinkle Baby Power Over Your Skin After the Beach and the Sand Will Come Right Off

If I said I didn’t wish I knew about this while I was beach bumming- I would be a liar! The baby powder absorbs the moisture from the sticky salt water. You just wipe the sand right off!

Mix a Paste of Baking Soda and Water to Remove Any Self Tanner Mistakes

Self tanner is the healthy alternative to tanning, but mistakes are bound to happen. If you realize a problem, simply mix a paste of baking soda and water to exfoliate the color away!

Squeeze Lemon Juice onto Sweat Stains Before Laundering to Remove the Stain Completely 

No matter how much antiperspirant we put on- sweat stains are bound to happen. Putting lemon juice on stains before you throw them in the laundry is a sure fire way to get those stains right out.

Coat Your Razor in Olive Oil between Shaves to Keep the Blade From Rusting

With summer comes humidity- even in the dry lands of Colorado. Simply coating the blades in olive oil will keep them from rusting- saving you from cuts and infection!

Rub Dryer Sheets on Your Clothes and Keep One in Your Pocket to Repel Bugs

If you’re anything like me- bugs love you and you spend most of your summer nights fighting off bugs and waking up with tons of bites. Fortunately, a beautiful soul has found a solution to our bug problem so we won’t have to spend tons of money on repellant that only sometimes works. Simply rub dryer sheets all over your clothes and keep one in your pocket!


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