5 on Friday | Ways to Make Extra Money

Nov 18 2016

5 on Friday | Ways to Make Extra Money

We are all trying to find ways to make extra money. If you haven’t heard about the blog, The Penny Hoarder, you are definitely missing out. The entire blog is based around money hacks, working from home, budgeting, coupons and freebies. Its a site dedicated to giving you ever possible way to make extra money. There is literally no better place to learn monetary life hacks. So check it out if you haven’t already!

These are the 5 best ways to make a quick buck via The Penny Hoarder. Check out the full article here. 

Stay in Shape and Get Paid for It

Place a wager and earn cash when you lose weight with HealthyWage and DietBet. What more motivation could you ask for than earning some money for all your hard work?? Lose some physical weight and replace it with a heftier wallet.

Write an Article for one of These Blogs

Seriously. Some of these blogs pay you $100 just to write an article. How simple is that? Topics range from coupons to plain old lists. Have a look at all of these blogs here. 

Answer Some Trivia Questions

Netflix binging isn’t always a bad thing. Reward TV pays you to answer trivia questions about your favorite tv show. Its an easy and fun way to make a quick $20 a month.

Take More Pictures

Stock photos just got a whole lot more interesting. Foap lets you upload your photo to their marketplace where people buy licenses to use your photo. Photos cost $10 ad you get $5 of the profit. So get cracking on taking those Instagram worthy photos- but make a profit out of them!

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