1960s | Senior Safari | Denver Senior Photographer

Dec 01 2016

1960s | Senior Safari | Denver Senior Photographer


You’re probably thinking that its been a while since we’ve rolled out any of our 2017 TM Senior Model Safari pictures. If you are, you’re right. Our shoot, shot way back in May, led to our 1950s blog. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the photos from that portion of the shoot, you’ll want to head over there now. We caught some gorgeous photos you don’t want to miss.

Now back to the 60s. The 1960s led us way down to Lakewood Heritage Center where red couches and white fences perfectly accompanied our look. These girls braved through freezing (and I mean freezing) cold rain and wind during the shoot but you would never be able to tell from these gorgeous photos. I seriously couldn’t have asked for better models. We laughed and we almost cried from the cold but we had so much fun.

Just look for yourself.


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