Denver Senior Model- Samantha

May 20 2017

Denver Senior Model- Samantha

Denver Senior Model | Samantha | Ralston Valley High School

Samantha from Ralston Valley High School is the next gorgeous gal on our Denver senior model team. Let’s get started talking about how involved this girl is. Samantha plays tennis for her school and is an MVP to the team. In the winter, she swims and has finished 8th, 5A four times all while winning summer club state individually. She is involved in NHS, NSHS, Rho Kappa, is a swim coach for rolling hills swim team, is a life guard at the YMCA Duncan and helps girls at The Tennyson Center for Children. Talk about a crazy schedule. It makes so much sense why she chose the three words, “driven, integrity and intelligence” to describe herself. And man- we are so lucky that she has time to squeeze Team Twenty18 into her schedule!


Sammie is drawn to acts of services that involved the elderly, children, pets or nature. If she could donate to any charity, she would chose the Tennyson Center because she sees the work they do for Denver families and the surrounding community first hand and feels lucky every time she steps through the doors.


Sammie’s most audacious dream is to become a neurosurgeon for children and change early onset diminishing brain cells (Alzheimer’s). With the drive that she posses, we know this is something that is completely reachable and we’ll be cheering her on the whole way through.


Besides Sammie’s amazing personality, we think she took some seriously gorgeous photos too! Just see for yourself.


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