Style Saturday

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Velvet | Winter Trends | Style Saturday

I'll admit, when I read the word "velvet" in my trend watch I might have gagged a bit on my flashbacks of itchy Christmas dresses and my grandmother's throw pillows. honestly, isn't that what you think of? But I swallowed my pride (AND...

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For the Birds

We are as happy as a bird with a French fry about this gorgeous summer trend. If you aren't familiar with Portlandia's ongoing skit about 'putting a bird on it' you should be!  We know you're familiar with this cute pattern popping up everywhere. We love...

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Graphic Sweaters

One of our favorite (NOT!) things about living in Colorado is the ever so random snow storms followed by gorgeous sunny days; the perfect solution, lightweight cute graphic sweaters. The ever changing forecast for Colorado puts us in a tricky situation. You’ve planned your outfit...

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Midi Skirts | Spring Trend

Hey fashionistas! So, today I want to talk about one of my favorite trends this spring and summer, Midi skirts! They are my favorite because they are so elegant and timeless and almost any body type can pull them off when done right. Midi skirts...

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Track Pants | Comfy Style

Hi again fashionistas! So, this may sound like a funny trend to talk about (unless you go for jogs every morning), but, all jokes aside, track pants are so in style this spring. From edgy leather to punky jean material and traditional cotton, these pants are both comfy...

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Beanies | Cap it Off | Senior Style Saturday

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] Ever have one of those really bad hair days? Yeah, me too. So, when your hair is looking, well, a little rough, there is no better solution that an adorable and trendy beanie hat.  Now, I know what many of you are thinking. “I...

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Slope Style | Shredding It |Senior Style Saturday

Time for a bit of a different Senior Style Saturday!  Last Winter I had the honor of photographing the cover and Editorial of the Style edition of Denver Life Magazine – highlighting styles you see on the slopes.  While I know it is a year old – styles this year haven’t changed a whole lot so I’m posting now for a bit of fabulous inspiration on how to look great on the slopes this holiday break!