Denver Senior Model – Brenna

May 03 2017

Denver Senior Model – Brenna

Denver Senior Model | Brenna | Dakota Ridge High School

It looks like its finally time to announce our next Denver senior model, Brenna, from Dakota Ride High School. When asked to describe herself with only three words, Brenna chose “compassionate, outgoing and sociable” and we couldn’t agree more. This stunning lady is involved in so much at her school. She did poms for her first 2 years of high school, and now she is on the cheer team as well as swim team. She is in multiple AP classes as well as orchestra. And that doesn’t even touch on all of the things she does outside of school! For the last few summers, she has volunteered at St. Joan of Arcs and is an alter server at Light of the Word (which she has done for 8 years). She occasionally volunteers at Willowbrook Memory Care Center and this year she helped plan the anti suicide community walk at Dakota Ridge. We don’t know how she does it all!


Brenna is drawn to acts of service that involve working at senior centers and working with children. She would like to do more work with recovering soldiers which is why she would donate money to the charity, The Wounded Warriors Project. She has personally seen people struggle with PTSD and would love to help them as much as possible.


As for Brenna’s future, she hopes to continue cheering in college and maybe even become an NFL cheerleader for  a few years. Then she would like to start nursing at a veterans hospital or even over seas as her most audacious dream is to travel to third world countries and provide the people there with medical care.


So as you can see, this girl is setting some serious goals, and we have no doubt that she will make them when she sets her mind to it. As for her mini model session? Well, just look at the gorgeousness for yourself. We couldn’t be happier that you joined Team Twenty18, Brenna!

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1 Comment
  • Gary M Vaughn

    Brennan is a very beautiful young lady, but that is not her greatest attribute, it is her inner beauty that I am most proud of. She received this from her loving parents, that I am also very proud of.

    May 3, 2017 at 4:31 pm

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