Denver Senior Model- Angel

Jun 18 2017

Denver Senior Model- Angel

Denver Senior Model | Angel | Eaglecrest High School

Betcha thought we were done announcing our Denver senior models on Team Twenty18- but oh that is not true. The long awaited posts of sisters Angel and Drena are finally coming your way, and you will not be disappointed.


Meet Angel. She has such a caring heart and loves to be helpful. She works at The Children’s Place and words with her god parent at an aluminum factory. She loves exploring, being in nature as much as possible and spending time with her god son Jonathan. Angel always sets goals for herself and tries her best to do as much as possible in one day (we understand you there, Angel).


If Angel had a million dollars she would donate it to the homeless charity and pet shelters because she believes they deserve so much better than what they have. We love her caring heart. And as far as her model mini session goes? Stunning. Just see for yourself!


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