A Bit About Me

photographer | designer | confidence catalyst

Hi, I’m Tanja

That's Tan (like suntan) - ya | in case you were wondering.

I believe…

  • that happiness is a CHOICE, not a pursuit.
  • that life is too short to test the water, jump in.
  • confidence is loving who you are and the skin you are in – and it is beautiful.
  • that your voice is your most powerful asset.
  • that it is my mission to free YOU from the idea of perfection and invite you, instead, to embrace and flaunt your fabulous imperfections
  • in encouraging you being unapologetically YOU instead of the version of you that society expects you to be


I’m guilty of…

  • never sugar coating things, I am not Willy Wonka.
  • weeping openly at sappy YouTube videos.  You know the ones…
  • hating to cook, so I married a chef
  • binge watching “Hoarders” instead of cleaning my house so that by contrast my house looks spotless.
  • riding shopping carts like scooters through parking lots
  • busting out a show tune (loudly and  off key) whenever the mood strikes
I believe we should go grab a Starbucks – as long as it is a dirty vanilla chai latte with coconut milk!